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VirtualClose® empowers agents and sellers with the flexibility of Remote Online Notarization (RON) and fully digital closings through one collaborative platform that streamlines the process. VirtualClose transactions are for all-cash purchases, and for sellers who are closing from out-of-state, dealing with harsh weather, looking to social distance or just short on time. We’ll provide a seamless, secure and convenient closing experience, and real estate professionals will still be able to celebrate with their customer after the final signature!

Here are some of the benefits of VirtualClose:


  • Documents are delivered earlier
  • Shorter signing appointments
  • Shorter funding times


  • More streamlined closing experience
  • Opportunity to review documents in advance and ask questions of appropriate parties
  • Supports social distancing
  • Ideal for those who can’t appear in person or shouldn’t be present due to health concerns
  • Close from any location in states where online notary is permissible


  • Identity verification is more secure than a mail-away transaction or mobile notary
  • Closers control who has access to private information
  • Multifactor, third-party authentication prior to signing
  • Audio-visual record of the notarial act
  • Record retention for seven-to-ten years by the platform


  • Reduces paper waste
  • Reduces carbon footprint of shipping storing physical documents


  • Reduces missing signatures or documents and notary errors
  • Improves accuracy and consistency of closings
  • Automates data validation
  • Supports eRecording with the County

Bring the closing to your customer with VirtualClose! Speak to your title or closing representative for more details.

*Not available in all states, so be sure to talk with your title representative.

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Closing on a home hasn't changed much over the last hundred years but with the help of technology, online closings now offer a new more modern way to close on a home.

Online closings save time, reduce hassle, and offer an overall better experience for everyone involved.

Online closings can take place anytime anywhere and all parties can join in on the celebration.

Whether you're a real estate agent or title agent, online closings are here, enabling faster transactions and creating happier signers.

Ask your title company about online closings today!